Shenzhen XingAniot Technology Co,.Ltd is established in July 2020, dedicated to provide the advanced products and solution of IoT smart hardware, covering the area of Smart Home, Hotel, Community, Building etc. The founding team is made up of R&D guru with comprehensive experience of embedded software and hardware, senior designer on product and solution design, senior manager who has built leading company and successfully went public, the team has abundant industrial resource and relevant operation experience.


Staniot is persist in independent research and development, to provide light wight product. In 2021 the main product line is consumer smart security appliances, followed with IoT products focusing various application scenarios: Smart Home appliances, various remote control sensors etc.


Staniot is people oriented, with young and modern management, provide equal and mutual profitable system, to achieve long-term development of the company.

Smart Security



The founding team of Shenzhen Staniot Limited has extensive experience in security area. Smart Security products are the founding product line of Staniot, showcase the idea of this company, to make the products with best user understanding. Outlined with minimalist style, provide 50% more performance than other products in this market, and a competitive price. This product line focus on user experience, for each customer to has the lowest learning cost.



Smart Home



Smart Home is the long-term goal for the future of Staniot. There will be dozens of new products rolled out in 2021, all developed in house. Covering all kinds of smart home application scenarios, including smart lighting, smart security, smart shading, smart care, smart environment, smart appliances, smart control systems etc. With the use of AI technology, to achieve undetectable smart home environment.



Smart Society



Staniot combines the different area of product Mobile App, cloud platform, network infrastructure and maintenance system, to provide integrated solution for Smart Community, Smart Building, Smart Business, Smart Hotel etc. For business client we have advanced applications and tailor made product services, covering software, hardware, management and maintenance.



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